Thrive Themes Review 2019 – Why Is It A MUST Buy?

Thrive themes is one amongst the leading theme designers within the WordPress market. With this article of Thrive Themes review 2019, we are going to assist you to fathom Thrive themes and analyze however smart the Thrive Theme merchandise is to form your website.

Choosing a WordPress theme or a plugin is commonly confusing. Since the performance & usability of your WordPress web site completely depends on the theme and plugins you decide on, it’s to be a careful call.

Thrive Themes Review 2019

Here, during this article or review of Thrive Themes in 2019, we are going to discuss one amongst the favored theme & plugin suppliers within the WordPress world – Thrive themes. This is often one amongst a form WordPress theme company that intends to deliver conversion oriented themes and plugins for your WordPress websites.

Read on in this article of Thrive Themes review 2019 to seek out what Thrive themes have got to supply, it’s Pros and cons. Discover the good, bad and ugly in this review of Thrive Themes before you truly invest for your WordPress merchandise.

The product at Thrive themes are engineered or bloggers or tiny business house owners that are centered on conversions and lead generation. The Thrive themes WordPress templates and plugins are very easy to use. You don’t need to be professionally skilled IT personnel to use their product.

Thrive themes membership offers you access to any or all their fine plugins. The plugins that may very assist you to increase user engagement and actions. On diving more into this article of Thrive Themes review 2019, you’ll discover a number of the knife plugins by Thrive themes that may very assist you to optimize your web site for higher performance and user engagement.


Thrive Themes Plugins

At Thrive themes, you can find many conversion-focused tools for your WordPress blogs. These tools are available in the form of WordPress plugins, which are lightweight and can be easily integrated into your WordPress websites.

The plugins from Thrive themes are about to lead generation and content optimization for better conversions. Here’s are some of them:

  • Thrive Leads

For building mailing lists. The form can be displayed using different options. For an example: You can opt for a sidebar widget, or pop up opt-in form. Moreover, you get the reports to provide you with insights on how your strategy is working with your audience.


  • Thrive Ovation

Customer testimonials do play a lead role in aiding your prospective customers. The Thrive Ovation is an automated system to collect the client information and display them on your site/sales pages for better conversion.


  • Thrive Ultimatum

A smart, customizable and easy to use, this WordPress plugin displays a countdown timer on your site. There are many exciting affirmatives of displaying a timer on your site. It makes things within the time-limit and inspires viewers to take action before the timer ends.


  • Thrive Headline optimizer

Write enticing headlines on your posts/pages with this Thrive Headline optimizer. Thrive headline optimizer is my favorite plugin so far. You can enter different versions of your headlines and the Thrive headline optimizer will give results of different headlines to users and conduct an internal study of which one works best. Based on it, the best headline will be displayed for maximum user compatibility.


  • Thrive Comments

Comments on your WordPress site can help you in innumerable ways. It encourages user compatibility, helps SEO by adding new, upcoming content, works as a form of user reviewer and much more. Thrive comments, as the name suggests is a great way to make the user commenting engaging and beautiful.


  • Thrive Optimize

Let’s you perform a split testing into your website pages to conclude what page works better. It is a lightweight and conversion oriented


  • Thrive cleaver widgets

Since everything about Thrive themes are conversions, this plugin is one of their best products to increase up conversions. As the name dictates, Thrive Cleaver widgets allows you to display different widgets, different content based on the category, post type, pages, categories & tags.


  • Thrive Landing Pages

This helps you make spectacular landing pages that focus on conversion. This plugin has it all too brilliantly to convert your ideas into reality for better engagement and actions on your sales pages. You can invent sales copies, opt-in forms, registration pages and any other sort of landing pages in your blog/site.


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Theme Builder: Thrive Architect

The Thrive Theme creator is that the page builder from the Thrive themes. It absolutely was developed to interchange the Thrive content builder and may be wont to produce conversion-focused pages of your web site.

The Thrive creator could be a replacement for the Thrive Content builder, the visual editor. This plugin, the Thrive content builders had some limitations that the Thrive creator removes. It had an easy construct, it helped folks with restricted hypertext mark-up language & CSS data to make enticing content with an applications programme editor.

While the Thrive content builder’s options were restricted, the Thrive creator has the options like that of the favored WordPress page builders like Beaver builder and therefore the Divi builder. The page builder by Thrive Themes is simple to use. You’ll be artistic and develop stunning styles of your own exploitation intuitive choices. Therefore the thrive creator is right for making your selling centered websites too.

Moreover, the Thrive creator is reasonable. You have got to pay a 1-time fee of $69 and use it to make any reasonable style.

As I discussed on top of, the most effective feature of Thrive is however simple it’s to use and is thanks to the Thrive creator Page Builder. antecedently referred to as the “content builder” thrive has updated their previous plugging and created this compatible with no all Thrive Themes, however all WordPress themes.

The click and drag page builder has around forty totally different components that provide you with management over virtually everything within the style. This includes ever-changing the color, height, width, background, text while not simply some clicks of the button. You’ll be able to conjointly edit or delete any components or sections if you would like.

A few alternative notable necessary things to notice include:

  • Having a live preview, therefore, you’ll be able to see however it’s on totally different devices; therefore, you’ll be able to customize the user expertise.
  • Being able to cover or modify components reckoning on if the users’ are visiting via a mobile, desktop, or tablet
  • Adjusting the dimension (margins) and artifact while not really getting into the scale and manually redaction the settings.

And one in all the important options of the Thrive creator that several others won’t do, is that albeit you deactivate the deactivate Thrive creator plugin, the hypertext mark-up language content remains intact therefore you’ll be able to amendment at some point if you would like to change platforms. This suggests that the CSS modifications might not be operating, however, won’t be lost.


Sayonara to slow loading websites

This Thrive themes review post is principally written to assist you to decide the themes that square measure extremely quicker. Whether or not you recognize it or not, your web site loading speed truly extremely impacts your overall computer programme rankings and traffic. Not a protracted agone, Google declared they’re about to improve the rankings of high-speed sites and lower the rankings of slower loading sites.

So the bottom line is evident and straightforward. If you wish to bring additional search traffic to your sites, you would like quicker loading websites. This Thrive themes review post isn’t created for creating sales however to assist you to decide on the proper WordPress themes, therefore, you’ll be able to profit.

Did you recognize that Thrive themes are created for speed and mechanically compresses all of your images?

The #1 reason most weblog pages take plenty of your time to load is slow loading pictures. ninetieth of the bloggers and marketers typically forget to compress pictures that end in slower loading times.

With Thrive themes automatic compression, you don’t have to worry concerning optimizing your pictures any longer.

It conjointly uses the light-weight code to form your web content load unbelievably quicker.

Thrive Themes conjointly supply in-built social sharing buttons, connected posts, and optimized image galleries, therefore, you don’t have to use any further plugins to use them on your sites. The fewer plugins you employ the quicker your website hundreds.

Get a quicker loading web site with Thrive themes!


Prices: Is it worth it?

How will I ever be able to finish this article of Thrive themes review 2019 while not telling you their cost? Thrive theme has numerous valuation choices that embody the following:

  • Thrive Membership ($19/Month Paid Annually): You can have access to any or all themes and plugins, however, may be used on your own websites solely. Therefore you’ll find yourself paying $19*12=$228 for one year. If you don’t need to pay them once more once one year, you’ll still have access to any or all of them however you miss out their future upgrades or options etc. therefore I extremely advocate you obtaining their full membership if you would like to realize access to any or all of their themes, plugins, widgets, content builder etc.


  • Agency Membership ($49/Month Paid Annually): You can have access to any or all themes and plugins and might use them on your own and shopper websites. Therefore you’re paying $49*12=$588 for one year access to any or all themes and plugins.

Did you recognize that you simply will save over $700 compared to purchasing each product individually?

Apart from these savings, Thrive themes developers ofttimes update their themes and plugins; therefore, you’ll see enhancements with every update.

In the half dozen months once their 1st gap, Thrive themes team updated twenty major new feature update fixing their web site problems, creating enhancements and tweaks to create Thrive themes a lot of powerful and quicker.


Pros and Cons of Thrive Themes

This article of Thrive themes review 2019 isn’t progressing to assist you if I don’t place their professionals and cons. thus here are a number of them to provide you with a far better understanding of their themes.



  • Hands down, the most effective visual editor to form your content “visually appealing”.
  • Drag and drop editor (simple to use) makes your life straightforward.
  • Conversion-focused landing pages.
  • Affordable evaluation.
  • Tons of varied parts you’ll add (testimonial boxes to exit-intent popups).


  • Extremely arduous to change your recent pages victimization Thrive themes builder. It’s solely useful for brand new pages or posts.
  • Limited to WordPress CMS sites.
  • Takes it some time for the beginner to get accustomed to it.


FAQs – Using Thrive Themes

Let us go through some questions commonly asked to help you in this article of Thrive themes review 2019:-

  1. Is it value paying for a premium WordPress theme like Thrive themes?

The main reason folks choose premium WordPress themes over free themes is premium and quicker client support. Free theme developers merely don’t offer you any support that you simply got to customize your themes. Here are a number of additional reasons to select a premium theme over free themes.

  • Great documentation
  • Super quick speed
  • Optimized for each mobile and SEO
  • Frequent updates
  • More options

So if you would like a novel style for your web site, choosing a premium WordPress theme like Thrive themes makes plenty of sense. Moreover, it’s straightforward to use and cheap too.


  1. What makes Thrive themes therefore distinctive from others?

Thrive themes are popularly referred to as conversion targeted WordPress themes that are designed to extend your web site conversion rates. If you are somebody who is trying to find higher conversion rates, positively it provides an attempt to Thrive themes as they clearly satisfy your wants.

Here are a number of additional unimaginable reasons to settle on Thrive themes over different premium WordPress themes.

  • Super quick themes (there’s Associate in Nursing automatic compression feature that will increase your web site loading times)
  • Customize but you would like with their drag and drop builder
  • Access to landing page templates
  • Lots of updates
  • Built for mobile and SEO


  1. What is the way to customize my WordPress web site style with the help of Thrive themes?

So you got Thrive themes and don’t have any idea how to customize your web site with the help of it? Don’t worry, Thrive themes offer you access to their exclusive forum wherever you’ll notice answers to most the essential queries you have got whereas customizing your web site.

Besides the forum, you’ll conjointly get access to their most helpful knowledgebase wherever you’ll notice a large number of tutorials on customizing your themes.


  1. What number of sites am I able to use Thrive themes on?

Thrive themes presently offers two varieties of rating packages. One is: Thrive membership and therefore the different is Agency membership.

Thrive membership prices less and permits you to put in Thrive themes on up to twenty-five of your own websites (not on your consumer sites). Whereas Agency membership permits you to put in their themes on fifty of your sites and clients’ websites.


  1. What does the Thrive membership embody and how much will it cost?

With Thrive membership, you’ll get access to all or any of their plugins and themes together with membership login (and content, tutorials etc.).

Thrive membership costs you $19 per month (billed annually) wherever you’ll be able to install their themes on up to twenty-five of your own sites. This can be appropriate for starters, bloggers, and everybody who needs to style distinctive styles for his or her own sites.

Agency membership costs you $49 per month (billed annually) you’ll be able to install thrive themes on up to fifty sites of your own or your client’s websites anywhere you want. This can be excellent for internet designers and folks who have an interest in building sites for others.


  1. What if I’m not pleased with Thrive themes?

If you’re having any problems or issues with Thrive themes or its options, you’ll be able to get in grips with their client support anytime you would like. However, if you’re still not pleased with their merchandise or options, you’ll be able to get a full refund anytime at intervals thirty days when your 1st purchase. If you’ve paid a yearly fee for Thrive membership, you’ll be able to cancel your account anytime you would like (but you won’t get any refund when thirty days).


Wrapping up

I know there are plenty of WordPress themes out there starting from unengaged to premium. Several theme choices create it very laborious for many WordPress users to settle on the correct theme for his or her blogging desires.

If you’re one of those who are troubled to search out a stunning trying theme that has all the options like speed, simple to edit customizer, mobile responsive and conversion centered theme, provides an attempt to Thrive themes.

If you’re not happy with them, you don’t have to be compelled to worry concerning your cash. They provide a 30-day a reimbursement guarantee similarly.

Thrive Themes could be a store of the most effective conversion optimized WordPress plugins. And also the shortly to arrive Thrive Theme builder sounds nice too.

Since there aren’t any themes obtainable at Thrive themes recently, you’ll still access their good plugins. These plugins will really assist you to create your web site more practical and profitable.

The Thrive creator is additionally an excellent choice for drag and drops content building for marketers and business house owners. The Thrive Landing page plugin will really assist you to produce changing and catchy sales pages, sign up/opt-in pages for your web site.

With the product as economical and sharp like that, you’re creating no mistake if you choose to shop for from Thrive themes.

I will conclude this Thrive Themes review with the decision that their product and Thrive theme conversion centered plugins area unit for anyone who desires to try to quite simply launch content with their web site.

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