Serpstat Review 2019 – The Ultimate SEO Tool for Bloggers?

When it involves SEO tools, many niche leaders return to mind during a matter of seconds. Well yes, we have a tendency to all comprehend Moz and Ahrefs, and that they have tested to be effective.

That said, it doesn’t mean we have a tendency to shouldn’t listen to younger platforms that appeared on the market a number of years past as young doesn’t mean worse. Young means that innovative, eager, and motivated!

It this post, we’re attending to take a better scrutinize an  SEO tool referred to as Serpstat, its high options, perks, and downers, basically giving a serpstat review 2019.

Serpstat review 2019

Serpstat is an all-in-one SEO platform for SEO, PPC, and Content promoting specialists. It consists of five tools:

  • Keyword research
  • Rank tracking
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Site Audit

These five tools, in turn, have a bunch of extra options and facilities.

Serpstat is meant to gather information on a selected domain, computer address or keyword, which is critical for web site promotion and improvement, also as for watching the effectiveness of competitors’ promoting ways.

The tool helps to change and speed up the workflow of net promoting specialists from everywhere the globe. So let’s go into details in this review of Serpstat in 2019.


Currently, Serpstat Provides

The data for eighteen Google regions as well as the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Republic of South Africa, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, Netherlands.

For Google US it provides 155,889,973 keywords for keyword analysis, 20,092,896 keywords for competitive analysis, 347,020,168 search suggestions, 59,430,083 domains, 17,238,530 ads.

Today, quite 95,000 folks use Serpstat. They create regarding 5M requests monthly.

Continuing on this review of Serpstat, let us look into its tools in details:-


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Serpstat tools

  1. Keyword research


Besides the regular keyword choice, Serpstat offers eight further options and metrics:


  • Search suggestions are common keywords Google suggests as you begin typewriting your search question. It helps you discover long-tail keywords to expand your keyword list, which makes content on your pages look a lot of natural and helps you avoid keyword stuffing.


  • Search queries are search suggestions in associate degree interrogative kind. These queries might assist you to realize the heaps of content ideas (blog posts, FAQ pages, Q&A, infographics).


  • Related keywords are LSI keywords that additionally assist you to expand your keyword list and optimize one page for multiple keywords.


  • The keyword intent metric shows that special components (maps, shopping, answers, listings) are shown for your keyword in SERP. This feature helps you perceive the intent of your keywords (is it transactional, direction, or informational). You’ll additionally filter results by the sort of special component enclosed. It’s additionally a helpful feature once it involves native SEO.


  • The keyword issue metric shows however laborious it would be to rank within the top-10 for the required keyword. This one helps you to grasp if the keyword is price outlay time and resources. If the KD is on top of 60, it’s going to take too long to induce within the prime for this keyword, thus you have got to turn over before embarking on improvement. This feature is useful for designing and building methods.


  • Keyword cluster feature helps you create a sense of an outsized keyword list. It teams up your keywords by that means in a matter of minutes. It helps you analyze a collection of keywords mechanically, collect the proper keywords for specific pages, and build the site’s SEO design.


  • Competitive keyword analysis provides you with a chance to match your website to your competitors’ sites side-by-side. This feature helps you discover keywords that you’ve deemed as incomprehensible, whereas your competitors have gotten traffic for these keywords.


  • PPC keyword analysis feature finds paid search queries associated with your primary keyword at the side of ads displayed for them. Thus, you’ll realize keywords for your PPC campaign and analyze your competitors’ ads and keywords further.


  1. Rank Tracking

According to my Sersptat review 2019:-


  • The rank following tool makes it easier to observe your site’s positions in SERP for chosen keywords.


  • To launch watching, you ought to produce a project, specify the region and information, and add the keywords for watching. To boot, the tool suggests the list of the foremost appropriate keywords mechanically.


  • You can get rankings updates daily, every three days, or weekly. Also, you’ll be able to originate a machine-controlled track following reports and obtain all updates right in your inbox.


  • In the “Competitors” tab, you’ll be able to see what proportion traffic your competitors occur.


  • What is the foremost attention-grabbing; Serpstat offers a singular chance to observe positions of your top-100 competitors in one project, while not disbursing extra limits. It’s a lot of easier to use API for a giant comes.


  • You can additionally assign tags to sure teams of keywords and remember of each drop and rise by chosen keywords. It’s useful if you create some changes to content on your web site and need to observe the results.


  • Also, the tool provides each mobile and desktop, some search ranking knowledge.


  1. Backlink Analysis


According to my Sersptat review 2019, the summary report displays the subsequent parameters:


  • The number of referring domains.


  • The number of referring pages.


  • The number of indexed pages.


  • The number of connected domains and pages (outgoing).


  • Referring sciences (only distinctive IP domains are considered).


  • Referring subnets.


  • The links from .edu and .gov-sites.


  • Trust Ranks and Page Ranks.


  • Also, the service displays new and lost links and referring domains for ninety days.


  • In the prime Pages section, you’ll be able to explore pages that are at the best positions. Also, Serpstat provides a chance to explore your site’s anchors and their density.


  1. Site Auditing

According to my Sersptat review 2019, the service makes a complete audit of the site. Let’s go through the Serpstat’s audit checklist:


  • HTTP status code (4xx, 5xx).


  • Meta tags and headings issues.


  • Accessibility and Indexation.


  • Redirects and links.


  • Server Parameters (the presence of an SSL certificate, redirects between the www and non-www URLs, redirects from HTTP to https).


  • Content issues for example, missing body text, large page size etc.


  • Loading speed.


The tool not only finds these errors on the site but also provides you with their locations and recommendations on how to fix these issues.


  1. Cost

There is a free set up with a restricted variety of queries per day (30) and results per report (10). Paid plans worth starts at $19.

Now, what would be a review without some pros and cons?

Let’s dive into some perks and downers to give our Serpstat review 2019 a more detailed look:-




  • Almost all tools of this tool can be applied to your own website and simultaneously on your competitors’ site.


  • Best price/value magnitude relation on the market.


  • Unique options and algorithms like Keyword agglomeration, Text analytics, Missing Keyword, URL vs URL.


  • Detailed analytics at the URL level (not solely domain).


  • An opportunity to observe positions of to-100 competitors in one project.


  • Automated email alerts.


  • Great image.


  • Comprehensive keyword analysis with a bunch of extra metrics and filters.


  • Chrome extension.


  • Great API service.


  • Free trial.



  • The databases’ size currently isn’t as huge as competitors’.


  • It can be slow sometimes.


  • Sometimes it couldn’t find data for the not so much popular keywords.


  • The ability to attain the same report in several ways may be confusing.


  • Slow updates (1-3 weeks).

These data are based on my Serpstat review 2019.


Details about plans

The valuation structure of the tool is wonderful. There are four plans. They’re specifically coming up with plan A, plan B, plan C, and plan D. The beginning set up comes at solely $19/month. This is often quite a cheap set up and is cheaper than any of the opposite similar tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs.


Plan A ($19/m): This set up comes with support for three hundred queries per day, one hundred results per report and two hundred targeted keywords. It’ll not go together with access to any premium options like missing keywords et al… You’ll be able to audit up to 20,000 pages with this set up that is over essential for the worth. This set up is appropriate for beginner bloggers.

Plan B ($69/m): This is often the set up I like. This set up comes with 4000 queries per day, 15,000 results per the report, all the premium options like cluster analysis and missing keywords, access to API, and 700 caterpillar-tracked keywords. This set up is over essential for a growing blogger. The World Health Organization would love to require his blogging career to future level.

There are setups like plan C and D.

Honestly, the popular setup B value is low when put next to different tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush whose professional set up comes at around $100/month.

Support provided by Serpstat is outstanding. Though they don’t have fee numbers like SEMrush to help you, they’re quite nice at helping you via email and support table.

You can head over to their contact page and raise your question. They retreat to you as quickly as potential.

The Serpstat tool is incredibly simple to use. So, I in person suppose that there would be no downside or mistreatment of the tool. This sums up Serpstat review 2019.


FAQ’s about Serpstat review 2019

If you’re still pondering whether or not or do not provides an attempt to Serpstat to extend your search rankings and website’s SEO, here are many commonly asked concerning questions about Serpstat that may assist you to decide about it.

  1. What’s serpstat and why ought to I take advantage of it?


  • Serpstat is a hands-on SEO platform that helps you with each major SEO connected side together with keyword analysis, website auditing, backlink analysis, rival analysis etc. most of the people use Serpstat chiefly for the subsequent reasons.


  • Keyword research

Need to seek out long tail keywords? Need to work out the CPC worth of any keyword? Need to trace however your keywords square measure ranking on Google search results? Need to seek out the collect keyword knowledge for each SEO and PPC campaigns? Well, you’ll be able to do all that stuff Serpstat keyword analysis with ease.


  • Competitor analysis

You’ll be able to simply establish all the relevant competitors in your business simply by coming into your domain. You’ll be able to additionally perform domain vs domain comparison with such a lot ease. You’ll be able to do a batch analysis of multiple keywords, check their rankings with ease to grasp however your competitors do victimization Serpstat.


  • On-page audits

On a page, the audit is one factor that you simply ought to never ignore and Serpstat helps you simply realize all the technical on-page problems your web site has. This includes everything from image connected problems to duplicate content to finding 404 error pages to boost your website’s SEO.


  • All in all, Serpstat is an SEO package that helps you with each side of SEO to extend your web site traffic and sales.


  1. However, am I able to increase my web site traffic with the aid of Serpstat?

There are many ways to use Serpstat to extend your website’s traffic, here are three major ways that you’ll bring additional guests to your websites with the help of Serpstat:-


Find low competitive keywords

Regardless of what trade you’re in, the quickest thanks to increasing your search traffic are to seek out and use low competitive keywords. Serpstat permits you to simply notice long tail keywords, check keyword trends, notice keyword variations, verify the worth of every keyword and then rather more with ease.


Find what keywords your contestants’ square measure ranking for

You’ll simply notice the most effective playacting keywords that your competitors square measure ranking for on Google search and you’ll conjointly read a listing of the domain’s pages with the best visibility score and their range of keywords that make it easier for you to try to competitor analysis.


Find your competitors backlink sources

Building backlinks ought to be a district of your SEO strategy. The most effective thanks to building additional links to your website are to research your competitor’s backlink sources. By knowing from wherever your competitors have gotten additional links or new links, you’ll use varied ways like guest posting, broken link building, email reaching etc. to boost your backlink profile.


  1. Am I able to get a reduction or promo codes on Serpstat?

Fortunately, Serpstat is presently providing many styles of promotions and special deals for those that square measure trying to find discounts and deals. Here square measure many of them.

You can get amazing discounts by paying quickly (12 months, 2 years, 3 years packages) wherever you’ll really save many bucks.

You can conjointly get some funds to your Serpstat account by writing a product review concerning Serpstat that you’ll use later for monthly or annual subscriptions. The number can vary from $19 to $299 relying upon the standard of your journal and traffic.

They conjointly run giveaways typically, therefore, check that to follow their journal and social media accounts to urge a free likelihood to win their tool.


  1. Am I able to give Serpstat a try for free?

Yes, you completely will. If you’re still pondering whether or not Serpstat is correct for you or not, you’ll produce free account victimization your email or social media accounts to do their options for complimentary.

In fact, you’ll strive all of the Serpstat options for completely free however the variety of queries square measure restricted thought however it’s quite enough for you to grasp concerning Serpstat options and the way it works.


  1. What if you’re not happy with Serpstat options and tools?

You can kindle a refund inside fourteen days from the date of subscription payment. If you acquired a monthly or annual subscription to Serpstat and square measure happy with their tools or options or services, you’ll merely send an invitation to soliciting for a refund (make certain to raise inside fourteen days when check-in for a full refund).


Wrapping Up

With all of that stated above in Serpstat review 2019, it’s quite impractical to assume that corporations have such a lot time on their hands on choosing each single good SEO answer and begin evaluating it, to work out that one will give a smart price and is suited to the given business’ wants.

As their tagline goes, Serpstat is so associate degree all-in-one SEO platform that provides you insights creating by removal deep into the online presence of a website you’re seeking data concerning – whether or not it’s your own or a competitor’s. This tool covers all bases once it involves trailing stats a few websites, utilizing the above-stated features.

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