Elementor Pro Review 2019 – A REALLY Powerful WordPress Page Builder

Elementor is that the new child on the block, however, don’t let that fool you. Despite the serious competition, it’s quickly become one in all the foremost standard visual page builders for WordPress, and it continues to grow at a speedy pace.

Since it’s unharnessed in mid-2016, Elementor has gained over 80,000 installs and a powerful 5-star rating on WordPress.org.

Elementor Pro review 2019

The individuals clearly adore it — however is that this simply the most recent fashion, or is Elementor actually the last word page builder for WordPress?

Elementor Pros may be a fresh web site builder plugin for WordPress. If you would like to administer your WordPress web site and its content a custom style, then a page builder tool is usually the most effective possibility.

However, with numerous page builder plugins obtainable for WordPress, that one must you choose? During this Elementor Pro review, we’ll offer you with all the data required to determine whether or not this is often the most effective WordPress page builder plugin for you or if you must look elsewhere.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into this review of Elementor Pro in 2019.


About Elementor Pro

As well as themes, the Pojos theme team has created 12 WordPress plugins, including the popular free version of this page builder plugin, Elementor.

After a recent update, it’s now possible to use the Elementor to customize the header, footer, and other areas of your website with the Theme Builder feature. You’re now no longer limited to creating a custom post and page designs with this plugin.


Why Use a WordPress Page Builder?

If you’re reading a post of this Elementor Pro review 2019 then you most likely have an honest plan of what a WordPress page builder is and why you would possibly wish to use one. But if not, the aim of a page builder plugin is to upgrade the default WordPress editor, supplying you with how to make custom styles for your web site and its content that wouldn’t be potential otherwise.

You’ll be able to add a large variety of content to those layouts, still as customize their look in nearly any method.

Whether you wish to make a very distinctive homepage style for your WordPress web site, provide your articles custom layouts, or craft the right landing page for your project, an honest WordPress page builder plugin can give you with all the options and practicality you’ll want.

Although WordPress page builders aim to present you improved inventive freedom, all of them add slightly alternative ways and deliver slightly completely different results. By the help of this review of Elementor Pro, you’ll recognize whether or not this page builder is that the right tool to assist you to unlock the potential of your web site and provides it the custom look it desires.


Elementor Pro features

To help you out if the Elementor Pro is that the best WordPress page builder plugin, here’s a review of its key options.

  1. The Elementor Pro computer program

At the guts of any page, the builder is its computer program. In spite of however powerful a tool is that if it’s troublesome to use it is not about to assist you to get the results you wish. Thankfully, Elementor Pro options a well-executed, trendy computer program.

After clicking on the Edit with Elementor button on the WordPress post or page editor screens, the computer program of the page builder is displayed.

Once the Elementor Pro page builder has loaded, you’ll begin work by either loading a model or adding your own content to the page. We’ll explore the Elementor Pro templates within the next section of this page builder review; but, they cowl a variety of uses and designs and are a fast and effective thanks to kick-starting your designs.

Pages created with the Elementor Pro will have multiple sections, and every section will have its own column layout. You’ll then populate those sections with custom content, together with the Elementor Pro parts. Again, we’ll cowl the weather in additional detail, however briefly; they furnish you a fast thanks to adding modules to your pages like pictures, buttons, tariffs, slides, testimonials, and for a lot of. You’ll additionally add any of the WordPress widgets to your page styles, together with the recent posts, pages, text, and also the different widgets you’ll typically solely augment your site’s sidebar and footer areas.

It’s nice to ascertain that the Elementor Pro features a true drag-and-drop computer program. Due to this, you’ll quickly drag parts into your layout and so move them around the page to seek out their best position. Clicking on part of your page style instantly displays the corresponding settings within the sidebar space. Due to this approach, it’s very easy to choose up and begin exploitation this page builder.

If you wish to alter the dimensions or position of any of the weather on your page, you’ll merely click and drag them to create the mandatory changes. However, your page appearance within the Elementor Pro page builder computer program closely resembles, however, your page can look once it’s revealed. This makes the complete style method quicker and intuitive than it might be otherwise, removing a lot of-of the approximation that happens once exploitation less-modern back-end page editors.

Inline text piece of writing is that the solely space wherever Elementor Pro falls behind a number of the competition. With other page builders, you’ll click on the text space in your style and simply begin writing. However, having to enter text within the sidebar space of the editor instead of directly into your page style is away from a significant drawback. With Elementor Pro, your page style is instantly updated as you kind within the sidebar, supplying you with a live preview of your content. Inline text piece of writing could be a nice feature, however, Elementor Pro’s approach solely involves one or 2 additional clicks.

Through the live front-end computer program of Elementor Pro, you’ll customize virtually every facet of your content. you’ll simply amendment the section widths and heights, size columns, alter the margins and cushioning settings, and a full heap a lot of.

The Elementor Pro is certainly up there with the most effective page builder plugins for WordPress in terms of its computer program and controls.


  1. Elementor Pro Templates

As mentioned, the Elementor Pro includes a range of high-quality templates. You’ll import these templates into your pages then customize them to create them your own.

At the time of penning this review, there are over twenty templates. The styles cowl homepages and landing page styles, menu templates for restaurants, regarding page templates, contact page styles, and merchandise and repair page layouts. They’re a varied choice that has all been designed to a high commonplace. As this can be a brand new plugin, you won’t have to be compelled to filter through out-of-date styles once selecting an example to figure from.

Once you’ve inserted an example into your page style, you’ll add and take away sections and parts and customize it the other method. You’ll conjointly insert multiple templates into an identical page and mix them to create your own custom styles. Your own pages will then be saved within the example library for apply elsewhere on your web site. Because of the benefit of the use of the Elementor Pro editor, if an example catches your eye however its purpose doesn’t quite match your project, modifying it to satisfy your desires shouldn’t be a retardant.


  1. Elementor Pro elements

Another key feature of the Elementor Pro is its component. These parts work like ancient WordPress widgets, except they will be inserted into your page style and customized through the Elementor Pro page builder. supplying you with a fast thanks to upgrading your content, the Elementor Pro parts embrace counters, Google Maps, image carousels, icon boxes, and lots a lot of.

However, you aren’t restricted to the weather enclosed with this page builder. Any of the widgets that keep company with WordPress, in addition as those supplementary to your web site via third-party plugins, may be inserted into your page style with the Elementor Pro. This reveals a full world of potentialities once it involves adding content to your styles and making effective pages.

Elementor Pro conjointly provides you the choice of saving your parts as international widgets. You’ll then utilize those international widgets throughout your web site, edit them once, and see your changes applied to each instance of the gismo instantly. this will be a true time saver if you wish to feature an equivalent custom component to multiple pages or areas on your web site.

More Elementor Pro parts are on the means. However, if there’s a feature you’d wish to raise your page styles, due to the plugin’s compatibility with third-party widgets, you ought to be able to realize an acceptable plugin that has the practicality.


  1. Elementor Theme Builder feature

As mentioned earlier, the Theme Builder feature of the Elementor Pro was additional during a recent update to the plugin and currently provides you with even a lot of management over the planning of your WordPress web site.

Previously, it absolutely was solely potential to make a custom post and page style for your web site with Elementor. Now though, you have got the choice of making a singular header and footer styles for your WordPress web site, yet as templates for alternative areas of your web site. a part of this new practicality permits you to use the intuitive visual editor of the Elementor to make one or a lot of header and footer styles for your web site.

Previously, it absolutely was solely potential to make a custom post and page style for your web site with Elementor. Now though, you have got the choice of making a singular header and footer styles for your WordPress web site, yet as templates for alternative areas of your web site. a part of this new practicality permits you to use the intuitive visual editor of the Elementor to make one or a lot of header and footer styles for your web site.

Using the Theme Builder to make a dynamic model for your weblog is an additional associate possibility. Due to this, you’ll be able to decide what content is displayed on your weblog archive pages. This might embrace displaying the title of every weblog post associated an excerpt of the content, or instead, displaying the featured image and also the full weblog post content. As the Elementor Pro currently includes a set of dynamic widgets, you’ll be able to drag and drop apart onto the layout which will, for instance, show the post information and also the author.

Choosing once and wherever your custom layouts square measure used on your web site is easy too. You’ll be able to produce multiple conditions for every model, embrace once to show them, and once to not. This might embrace solely mistreatment associate archive model for posts during a sure class, or posts by a particular author.

The Theme Builder feature may be a welcome boost to the Elementor Pro and helps elevate this tool on the far side simply a page builder. Currently, you’ll be able to produce custom web site layouts, so apply them to totally different areas of your web site, like your homepage, portfolio, or blog. All this work takes place through the Elementor Pro visual editor, with no writing necessary.

Furthermore, the Theme Builder can work with any well-coded WordPress theme. However, the Elementor team has made a barebones WordPress theme that’s ideal for anyone World Health Organization desires to make their own totally custom web site, instead of modifying an associate existing theme.

You can verify a lot of concerning the Theme Builder feature on this page of the Elementor web site.


Ups and Downers of Elementor Pro

Given below are observations in this article of Elementor Pro review 2019:

Pros: Elementor is solely the foremost progressive, future-facing page builder I’ve seen. I’ve virtually tried each page builder out there, and there are several sensible ones. However, the parents at Elementor have gotten it right. You get full management over the styling, together with all the fashionable CSS tricks you’d need, and an awfully strong set of modules. The free version of Elementor is handily the most effective free page builder you’ll get, that is proved by a number of the quickest growing numbers within the repository.

The Pro version of Elementor takes things to a full new level, adding dozens of additional modules and options that build the upgrade a no brainer. And currently that they embody a full theme building feature set with dynamic values and additional, it is the most complete page builder around. There are varied nice third-party plugins in addition and thousands of users in their community World Health Organization are willing to assist. It’s pretty wonderful. Plus, there’s a task manager that is nice to be used with purchasers.

Cons: There are many modules that I might prefer to see additional flexibility in, significantly those just like the tabs and accordions. You’ll place any content you wish in them if you employ Elementor templates, however, I might prefer to be ready to build layouts in them directly while not having to use templates.

The role manager might use a touch additional flexibility. right away you either provide folks access to the content redaction, or the full builder, or none of the builder. I might prefer to be ready to enable them to edit content, duplicate/delete/add modules, however not access the advanced settings. However, this is often apparently returning, therefore I forestall thereto.

Overall: once years of suffering through mistreatment Visual musicians and alternative builders, Elementor finally created Pine Tree State feel comfy because it works the manner I might anticipate a visible page builder to figure. There are many very few problems; however, the advantages are larger. It’s intuitive and my purchasers will simply grab onto the ideas employed in Elementor. All my sites and consumer sites are engineered on Elementor currently.


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Elementor Pro may be a business plugin that’s offered on 3 evaluation plans:

  • Personal: $49 to be used on one web site
  • Business: $99 to be used on three websites
  • Unlimited: $199 to be used on unlimited websites

All of the Elementor Pro evaluation choices enable you to use the plugin for a vast quantity of your time. However, you’ll solely get access to updates and support for one year (unless you renew your license by paying five-hundredths of the initial value paid).

This is an inexpensive value for a robust page builder plugin. Some choices, like Visual musician, cost less, whereas others, as well as Beaver Builder, square measure dearer.


 Elementor Pro review 2019 – Final Words

Elementor Pro is incredibly simple to use. The page builder interface makes making custom styles for your WordPress web site simple. Having a live preview of your page whereas you’re employed helps speed up the look method significantly.

Elementor Pro may be a new page builder and selecting a replacement tool will have its benefits. Usually, you’ll get access to AN innovative feature set still as a variety of top quality, trendy pre-built styles. Elementor Pro is not an exception during this regard. On the opposite hand, typically selecting a less established and probably on trial plugin may be risky. However, the core free Elementor Page Builder plugin has already been around for a short while. Because it has been extensively tested and well received by users, you must be ready to select Elementor Pro confidently.

The new Theme Builder feature may be a welcome boost to the already powerful plugin. The flexibility to form custom layouts for the opposite areas of your web site, outside of the post and page content, makes it doable to form a novel WordPress web site with Elementor.

Is Elementor Pro the simplest page builder plugin for WordPress? It’s actually up there with the simplest. However, if you would like a page builder tool right away, be happy to get the Elementor Pro these days. I doubt you’ll be foiled.


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